When Thomas
Edison invented
the light blub,
he surely could
not have
imagined that
light emitting
glass would one
day arise as an
alternative to
t arise they
have in and in
Singapore too.
BusinessTiimes 11 August 2014
About LES
Façades Magical Moonlight
BusinessTimes 11 August 2014
Green Building Group, Singapore offers a lighting system
like no other lighting systems.
LES, a light emitting surface produced with advanced
printed lighting technology, characterizes the soothing light
emitted from the moon, providing intense night vision
lighting from surfaces which can be seen in full focus from
kilometers away.
LES emits a soft distinctive glow, enabling it to blend
beautifully into any building facades, creating lighting
architectures that could turn every architect's dream into
recent realities.
It's probably the only lighting system specially designed to
celebrate the romance of the moon and the symphony of
its glorious light.
Produced with advanced printed
lighting technology, LES | FILM is
flexible and is malleable to form
any surfaces . It can even be
produced in lengths exceeding
10M long